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A Message to Parents

Does the current global scenario leave you anxious for the future your child will inherit? Are you feeling an even deeper responsibility for your child’s development and wellbeing, now that they’re likely spending more time at home with you? 

And how would you like to turn the unique situation we’re all facing into an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for your family: one that will last a lifetime? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, as one global family.

A Positive Solution To An Uncertain Situation

If you’re like most parents, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Your child is at home, you’re managing both their schoolwork and their free time, and you’re trying to help them cope with the changes happening around them - all as your own life is shifting rapidly. 

Now more than ever, every conversation you have with your child is crucial... 

Every activity and exercise you set up for them… 

Every rule and boundary you put in place... 

And even every example you set through your own words, actions, and emotions. 

Trying to navigate everything is challenging and overwhelming. 

For instance, how do you know you’re making the right calls? Giving the right advice? And taking the right steps to instill habits and beliefs that uplift your child throughout their lives? 

The Premium Parenting Programme is our way of keeping you connected to the knowledge and perspectives you need to make your best decisions as a parent.


Learning and Development

You may already be with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), England's framework followed by nurseries, childminder and reception classes .This simple guide aims to help you understand more about your child's development and behaviour. It also provides advice specific to the COVID-19 including parenting tips, managing anxiety and helping children to develop positive personal hygiene routines that help to protect from viruses.

Stimulating Play and Activities

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Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Discover how to upgrade your communication skills, and turn moments of conflict into opportunities for empathy and connection.

Physical Development and Independence

With physical development as a prime area in the Early Years Foundation Stage and physical activity guidelines from the Department of Health including recommendations for the under fives. Read on for our tips to support your child’s physical development

Physical development is one of the three prime areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Each prime area is divided into Early Learning Goals, for physical development these are:

  • Moving and handling - skills enabling children to show good control and coordination in large and small movements. Children are able to handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing.

  • Health and self care - children knowing the importance of good health which includes physical exercise and a healthy diet. Children are able to manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully, including dressing and going to the toilet independently.

Contact us for more advice

Whilst these guides are designed for general issues parents may have, we appreciate the advice and tips may not hep everyone. For specific problems, contact us for an indepth analysis and experience session. 

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