What if my home is too small?

It is really important that children are in a home from home learning environment, where they can make develop friendships, discover, go on adventures, jump in muddy puddles, learn to dance, sing at the top of their voices, make up games, hear stories, learn what interests them and what talents they have, how to keep themselves fit and  healthy. This requires a person to engage with, the resources can be a simple box that become a den or a place for animals to live and hide or even a garage for trucks!


The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework provides us with the space criteria requires which most homes (flats or houses) meet


Children under 2 yrs: 3.5m sq per child

Two year olds: 2.5m sq per child

3-5 year olds: 2.3m sq per child


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Becoming A


You will need to undertake a course that covers the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (click here to view the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage)


A paediatric first aid course


Child protection training

What qualifications do I need?



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