The Child Care Coach


1. EYFS Support

Sometimes providers find it difficult to implement the EYFS. This can be for a number of reasons including, understanding the framework or understanding how to implement effective practice whilst being able to record children’s learning and development. We can work with you to develop your systems that will help you implement the EYFS more effectively.

2. Training Workshops

All of our training is delivered in a practical way to enable settings to improve their standards of care, learning and play. Training is always personalised with workshops either in your own venue with small groups or larger groups hosted by us.

4. Childminder Pre-registration course

This training is suitable for those who wish to register with Ofsted to become a child minder. Once you have completed this course you will be able to apply to Ofsted with confidence. This course will prepare you for your first inspection visit from Ofsted and give you the knowledge and information required to run your own Childminding Business.

3. Policies,Procedures & Your SEF

Would you benefit from a document review? Having up to date policies and procedures is vital to your success. Our policies and procedures pack have received great feedback from Ofsted. We can also help you to evaluate your practice by writing or reviewing your Self- Evaluation form.

Business binders with POLICIES and PROCEDURE words on labels place on process flow charts, pen pointing at document word

6. Observation, Assessment & Planning support

A course for anyone that works with children in the EYFS age range. It will help practitioners understand the Ofsted requirements for monitoring and tracking the progress of children and implement next steps with confidence. You will be able to identify, observe and plan the stages of development for each child in the 7 areas of learning and development, and learn how to discuss with parents or carers if there is a cause for concern. Included in the cost of this training is all the relevant paperwork which will enable you to create a folder to get you started for your planning, observations and tracking children’s progress.

5. From Good to Outstanding

Expecting Ofsted? 

How about a pre inspection support audit? This session will grade your setting against the exact criteria Ofsted use, and give you feedback that will enable you to address any concerns and empower you to highlight your practice on the day.