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We mentor, equip and provide leadership support to all Early Years settings

We mentorequip and provide leadership support to all Early Years settings. We provide support that enables you to build strong staff teams, Improve Practice and raise outcomes for children. Our strategies are proven to be  highly effective in building a strong, healthy and quality day care business whilst also improving your showing evidence of improvement and growth to Ofsted.

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Kim Esnard - Founder & CEO


An innovative Director with an outstanding record of working with Managers to lead settings to deliver quality services, improved performance, higher levels of staff and parent satisfaction and an enhanced reputation.  Determined and decisive, I thrive on working with  settings to develop sound strategies,  implement best practice and leading change and turnaround of underperforming areas within a setting.

Dr Shamza Akhtar - Consultant


I hold a Foundation Degree in Early Years, BA Hons in Early Years Professional Studies in Education, Masters of Art in Education Early Years.

BA Hons in Business Management Bachelor of Medicine and gained my Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational research working in a wide range of educationally-oriented settings (Kingston University).

I am an ex- Ofsted Inspector. I have gained the knowledge with the experience to enable me to gain the understanding of Ofsted through evidence of inclusive, high-quality teaching that meets the needs of all children.


About Us

We offer experienced consultancy services for both early years providers, childminders and parents. We will provide you with outstanding support from, individual consultancy, to developing your curriculum, reviewing your leadership and management practices and much more


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